• Nicole Rudder, GM

COVID-19 "Stay At Home" Quarantine: Should You Call An Electrician To Your Home?

Hello friends! To say this last few weeks has been the craziest, most surreal time in our lives is an understatement, definitely here in Las Vegas. We are sending good vibes to everyone, we will get through this together! As more people work, study and shelter in place at home it's to be expected you might need an electrician. While navigating what is or is not essential and potential risks, making the decision whether or not to have a service professional come to your home is important.

Ace Electric is committed to continuing to provide the best service possible, taking precautions to protect ourselves and our customers including:

• Avoiding entering homes unless absolutely necessary

• Washing hands before and after every job, with hand sanitizer readily available

• Limiting direct customer contact, maintaining 6 feet distance

• Wearing gloves and masks when appropriate

• Using our best judgement on risk factors involved

Before you call any service professionals to your home, please ask yourself:

• How are you feeling? Are you or anyone in your home currently experiencing any symptoms?

• Have you travelled to a high-risk area in the last 30 days?

• Can it wait? How important is addressing your your electrical issue/project right now?

• Unsure whether or not your electrical situation could be dangerous?

It would be our pleasure to assist with your electrical needs:

• We are available by call or text at 702-672-7476 to answer any questions, Jason will walk you through any fixes you can safely handle on your own

• Your safety is our number one concern, ALWAYS

• Our prices are the same, no gouging or new "pandemic" fees

• We offer Military and Senior discounts

Stay safe and healthy!


Jason & Nicole

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