tesla & electric vehicle chargers & outlets

Tesla and other electric vehicle chargers are a necessary part of the equation to help reduce your footprint. We are happy to install your new application and help keep things a little more green!

Charging at home is faster, more powerful and more cost efficient. Adding a new 220 volt outlet or power source for your electric vehicle (EV) charger in your garage can be a quick and efficient project at a reasonable price. Ace Electric offers a Basic Installation at a flat cost that will keep your EV road-ready!

For Basic Installation:

  • Electrical panel must be located on a side wall of your garage, either interior or exterior

  • Electrical panel must have available breaker space

  • The 220 volt outlet or charger will be placed inside of your garage, on the same wall as your panel about 2 feet off of the ground

Additional Consultation and Estimate Required:

  • If your panel is located anywhere other than the side of your garage 

  • You have specific placement in mind

  • Your electrical panel breaker space is full

tesla & ev outlets / chargers